Size Guide

We stock footwear which are made in either UK or EU sizing runs. It is important to note that if a particular brand or style is made in EU sizing that the sizing will not be exactly the same as a brand or style made in UK sizing. They are two different size runs. For example, a shoe made in EU sizing, EU size 36 does not directly translate to a UK 3. An EU 36 is translated exactly as a UK 3.35, but obviously, there is no shoe made in this size, therefore, an EU 36 is generally seen as the equivalent to a UK 3 as it is the nearest to it. This is the same for all shoe sizes, there is an equivalent size but not an exact translation between the UK and EU sizing.


EU 36UK 3.35
EU 37UK 4.10
EU 38UK 4.90
EU 39UK 5.65
EU 40UK 6.45
EU 41UK 7.25
EU 42UK 8.05
EU 43UK 8.85
EU 44UK 9.65
EU 45UK 10.40
EU 46UK 11.20
EU 47UK 11.95



EU 36UK 3
EU 37UK 4
EU 38UK 5
EU 39UK 6
EU 40UK 6.5
EU 41UK 7
EU 42UK 8
EU 43UK 9
EU 44UK 9.5
EU 45UK 10.5
EU 46UK 11
EU 47UK 12